Piano Exams at MEA Piano Studio


MEA Piano Studio students participate in numerous events through out the year. Participation in these events is a fun way to alleviate the monotony that can sometimes accompany piano lessons. One event that MEA Piano Studio participates in are annual piano exams through the Music Development Program.

What is the Music Development Program?

The Music Development Program is the American version of the Royal Conservatory Music (RCM) that is nationally recognized and extremely popular in Canada. This program provides a national standard of musical instruction through an sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. The Music Development Program offers individual student assessments and allows students to track the progress of their studies.

Why choose the Music Development Program?

It provides a thorough and comprehensive program for musical development.

The Music Development Program focuses on four main areas:

  • Each level includes a broad selection of pieces representing a variety of musical styles and periods.
    • Baroque
    • Classical
    • Romantic
    • Contemporary
  • Repertoire selections are leveled progressively in difficulty.
    • All pieces for Grade 1 represent the capabilities of a Grade 1 piano student.
  • Periodic reviews of the repertoire keep the selections fresh and innovative.
    • New editions are created every few years.
  • Teachers and students can add favorite pieces through the Teacher’s Choice and Own Choice selections.
    • Students are given the freedom to substitute at least one piece.
  • Each level of has specific technical skills that are appropriate for that level.
    • Preparatory A students learn pentascales while a Grade 10 student would learn scales of several octaves.
  • Technique includes scales, chords, arpeggios, patterns, and études.
  • Musicianship is developed through a thoughtful and consistent approach to the development of reading and aural skills.
  • Musicianship skills are developed in conjunction with repertoire goals and requirements.
  • Musicianship skills give students a solid foundation for independent creative musical explorations.
Musical Literacy
  • Theory exams are available.
  • The levels are tied to practical (performance) levels, reinforcing concepts encountered in repertoire, technique, and musicianship studies.
  • At-the-keyboard assessments of keyboard harmony and musicianship present students with an opportunity to develop skills in improvisation and composition.