Preparatory A

Preparatory A level exams are for the very beginning student. MEA Piano Studio students may take this exam one or more times.

Preparatory A - Required Pieces

Students must chose two of the following:

Adair, Yvonne

Little Dog Tales B&H

  • Boots 

Alexander, Dennis

  • Dennis Alexander’s Favorite Solos, 1 ALF March King

Alexander, Dennis, and Martha Mier

  • Shadows (in Alfred’s Premier Piano Course: Lesson

Book, 2A ALF)

Armand, George

  • Echo (in The Russian Piano School, 1 SIK)

Berlin, Boris

  • A Skating Waltz (in The ABC of Piano Playing, 3 FHM)

Chatman, Stephen 

Amusements, 1 FHM

  • Foolin’ Around
  • Monkey Business

Escapades, 1 FHM

  • The Mouse in the Grandfather Clock (in Celebrate

Piano!®: Solos, 2 FHM)

Costley, Kevin

Year Round Fun, 1 FJH

  • It’s Raining Again

Donkin, Christine 

Jumping in the Mud FHM

  • The Haunted Harp 
  • Sleigh Bells

Duke, David

  • March for a Reluctant Soldier (in Music of Our Time,

Preliminary WAT)

Faber, Nancy, and Randall Faber

  • The Haunted Mouse (in Piano Adventures: Lesson Book, 1 FPA)
  • Jazz Blast (in Piano Adventures: Lesson Book, 2A FPA) Garrow, Louise
  • Calliope ALF

Gieck, Janet

When I Grow Up RLP

  • Artist
  • Trucker

Goolkasian Rahbee, Dianne 

Pictures and Beyond, 1 FJH

  • Thunderstorm 

Kabalevsky, Dmitri 

Children’s Adventures, op. 89 SCH

  • The Trumpeter and the Echo (no. 15) Twenty-four Pieces for Children, op. 39 SCH
  • Melody (no. 1)
  • Marching (no. 3)

Mier, Martha

  • Bright Painted Ponies (in Belwin Contest Winners, 1


Milligan, John

  • Rowing Round (in Legacy Collection: Folk-Song 

Arrangements FHM)

Milne, Elissa

Very Easy Little Peppers FAB

  • Smooth and Crunchy 

Niamath, Linda

In My Garden FHM

  • Spider’s Web 

Olson, Kevin

My Kind of Music, 1 FJH

  • Making Faces 
  • Spider vs. Fly 
  • Stepping on the Cracks

Papp, Lajos

Starting the Piano EMB

  • Lydian Melody 

Pearce, Elvina

  • Let’s Waltz (in Celebrate Piano!®: Solos, 2 FHM)

Poe, John Robert

  • Clown Serenade ALF

Simon Says KJO

  • Walk Like a Duck 

Reubart, Dale

  • The Teeter-totter (in Celebrate Piano!®: Solos, 1 FHM) Richert, Teresa

Copycat Copycat RLP

  • Curious Cat 

Rollin, Catherine 

The Bean Bag Zoo Collector’s Series, 1 ALF

  • Owl in the Night 
  • Rainbow Fish

Türk, Daniel Gottlob

Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler, 1

  • The Lively Boy

Repertoire from Method Books 

The ABC of Piano Playing FHM

Book 2

  • The Cuckoo
  • On Parade
  • We Play Hockey

Book 3

  • The Ballerina
  • Cradle Song

Alfred’s Premier Piano Course ALF

Lesson 1B

  • I Asked My Mother
  • The Joke
  • My Sombrero

Lesson 2A

  • Qwerty

Performance 1B

  • As Morning Dawns
  • My Dog
  • Pogo Stick

Bastien Piano Basics KJO

Performance 1

  • Golden Trumpets
  • On the Planet of Mars 
  • Seconds, Please!

Piano 1

  • Rock Group
  • Sing, Bird, Sing 
  • Space Walk
  • Swingin’ Beat

Celebrate Piano! ® FHM

Lesson and Musicianship 1B

  • Aura Lee
  • Lazy Summer Day 
  • The Sad Dragon
  • Lesson and Musicianship 2A Easy Day

Solos 1

  • Ladybug Waltz
  • Trumpet Parade 

Solos 2

  • Clowns

Hal Leonard Student Piano Library HAL

Piano Lessons 2

  • Bayou Blues
  • Circle Dance 
  • First Light

Piano Solos 2

  • Goofy Gadget
  • The Stream
  • Those Creepy Crawly Things on the Cellar Floor Viva la rhumba

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course WIL Book 2

  • The Dancing Bear 
  • Turkey in the Straw

Music for Young Children MYC

Moonbeams 1

  • Hurrah
  • Melody for Alphorn 
  • Music Signs
  • Wake Up!

Moonbeams 2

  • Frère Jacques
  • Lady Bug 
  • Pixie Waltz

Sunbeams 2

  • Go to Sleep

Music Pathways FIS

Piano Discoveries B

  • Fiesta Dance
  • Two White Swans

The Music Tree ALF

Student’s Book 1

  • First Boogie
  • Forest Echoes
  • Spanish Guitars
  • When the Saints Go Marching In

Student’s Book 2A

  • Knights at the Ball
  • Morning Has Broken 

Piano Adventures FPA

Lesson Book 1

  • Grumpy Old Troll
  • The Juggler
  • Song for a Scarecrow

Lesson Book 2A

  • Snake Charmer
  • Storms on Saturn 

Lesson Book 2B

  • Carefree Waltz 

Performance Book 1

  • Painting with Pastels

Piano Discoveries HMP

Explorer Book 1A

  • Eek! Bump! Yikes! Jump!
  • Giggling Goblins
  • Have You Seen the Leprechaun? 
  • The Mirror

Explorer Book 1B

  • Let’s Go to the Fair
  • Ragamuffin Rag
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night Where Have All the Socks Gone?

Piano Town KJO

Lessons 1

  • Candlelight
  • Feeling Sneaky The Flashlight Simple Gifts

Lessons 2

  • Butterf ly Camouf lage
  • The Ladybug

Preparatory A - Choice Pieces

MEA Piano Studio students can choose one piece from the following:

Ayler, Michelle

MEA Piano Studio, Original Solos

  • Busy Bee
  • Penguin Tango
  • Day at the Circus
  • Creepy Crawly Spider
  • Waking Up
  • Seahorse
  • Nocturne in A Minor
  • Serenade
  • Cool Cats
  • Little Boogie, Jr.
  • Black Key Boogie
  • Waterfalls
  • Old McDonald
  • Bells of the Sea
  • A Spooky Song
  • Two Note Bop
  • Littlest Boogie
  • Itsy Bitsy Sonatiny
  • Ancient Clock
  • One Hand Blues
  • Over the Rainbow With Letters