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MEA Piano Studio is small and independent piano studio in Alexandria, Virginia. Owned and operated by one instructor, Michelle Ayler, the studio offers lessons to kids of all ages and levels. Michelle Ayler received a B.A. in Music Composition and has over ten years of experience teaching piano full-time. Students of MEA Piano Studio are very active and participate in many non-competitive events throughout the year. These events through local music organizations, Northern Virginia Music Teacher's Association and the Springfield Music Club, and are geared towared students of all ages and levels.

Piano Exams

The bulk of this site is dedicated to information about piano exams. Students of MEA Piano Studio participate in many events throughout the year, with the majority of the events being optional. One optional event is through the Music Development Program which offers piano exams for students at all ages and levels. Piano exams offer a way to gauge a student's progress and receive outside feedback on how the student's is doing. Click here to learn more about piano exams at MEA Piano Studio.


Please call the studio to sign-up for piano lessons: 703-229-1708

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You may also visit the main site to sign up for lessons. Go here to learn more about MEA Piano Studio.